How to transfer domain – Part Two

3. Click “Continue” and follow the instructions transfer. At the end of the process you will see a message the account in the amount of 0 hryvnia paid, and in the list of domains will find tolerable. Unfortunately, a couple of times something was not working, so the procedure had to be repeated. Perhaps this is due to an influx, domain zone very large. After submitting the process of transfer can take up to 48 hours.

Find domains and learn nic-handle

All done quite simply, if you have already received a letter of transfer domain – there is also a list of registrars and the list of your domains, and code transfers AuthInfo. In other cases, you have to be a little ingenuity.

The first thing you need to log in to the site by entering your Hostmaster nic-handle and password (sent in creating nic-handle). Learn the same nic-handle online can specify one of your domains in the search box.
If this domain, then in the administrator (admin-c) find the entry type of org-xxxx-1, where xxxx-desired identifier. Thus, nic-handle will be in the form xxxx-uanic.

Then come back to the site Hostmaster page “Search domains”-here choose accordingly and click “Search” button. The page displays a list of all your domains from this domain zone. Here you can also request that a code transtfera AuthInfo. Click on the button «Send AuthInfo«, and the post office specified for this nic-handle, comes a corresponding letter. As you can see in the picture above, one domain I had already sent to the transfer, the other is just now doing. In principle, the process is not difficult, you just need to get a grasp in the instructions and steps to implement it. Carry out the transfer domains must-up period until you have it valid.

How to transfer domain

Some time ago, entered into force new rules on domain Initially, they were free, but now subject to mandatory transfer to one of the registrars + will cost money (as well as Just last week, read an article about it Habré, and recently came to the post corresponding to a letter requesting transfer domains. This offer now and do – the question has several nuances that will try to address in this article.

First, you should decide where to transfer domains Article “Where and why do I register domains?” mentioned a fairly large Ukrainian registrar, which in principle all satisfied. By the way, the company has already run for this case special “lure” share with pleasant discounts.

If I understand correctly, the end of the year will get a special price for 57 UAH + Discounts but new registered domains. However, you can use any other companies, domain registrars, a list of which can find here.

Transfer domain

I will consider the transfer of the domain is in, considering all the advantages described above + the fact that their services, I just use it. The algorithm is very simple:

1. Register or authorize in the system, if you are already a client of the company. Then in your personal cabinet find the item “Transfer your domain.”

2. On the transfer specify the required domain (without necessarily http and www), as well as the transfer code AuthInfo, who was to come to the post office with acknowledgment of the need to transfer.

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